Does anyone believe Barry actually wrote this?

In the New York Times, Why We Need Health Care Reform, by…wait for it…Barack Obama.

I’m highly tempted to cry foul on the New York Times.  I won’t because, a) I’m a pitiful little blogger with my following of ones, and b) the New York Fishwrap is beyond shame.  Why waste my breath.

But really, presidents don’t write their own speeches.  Not since about Lincoln’s time anyway.  And especially the Teleprompter Reader of the United States, who sometimes has trouble even reading what others have written.  This is the legislator who in nine years in offices never wrote any legislation of note.  But he did spend two years as a legislator running for president reading teleprompts written by others.  If this editorial was ghost written by a staffer, it is disingenuous to put Barry’s name on it.  The implication for most people, and surely the goal of the New York Times in its role as White House propaganda rag, is that the president of the United States took time out of his busy schedule getting his face smeared all over the Obama channel news networks yet again to sit down in front of his PC (or would it be a MAC?  He’s a Blackberry guy, not an iPhone guy after all) and hammer out a few paragraphs on a topic about which he has pretty much demonstrated that he knows nothing.

Call me fishy, but I’m not buying it.


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