Obama and the Ring of Power

At RealClearPolitics, Obama Misread His Mandate.  Jay Cost makes the case that Obama bungled the political landscape.

I disagree.

What Obama misread was the Power of the Presidency.  It was leftist dogma that the Evil Lord Dubya drew upon the power of the One Ring forged by the hand of the Prince of Darkness itself, the Dick of Cheney, to conjure up Katrina and kill black people in New Orleans.  It is an article of faith among the left that the President Rules the Country.  This is probably natural since the political model of the left is Stalinist Soviet Union, followed right down that path by all the other dictatorial socialist “workers’ paradises” like China, Cuba, and ending up with Venezuela and the like.  When the liberal/leftists accused Bush of causing Global Warming, they meant it.  Not because of policies, but because the Presidency Runs Everything.

What Obama thought he was getting was not a political mandate from the People.  He thought he was going to inherit the Ring of Power.  When he said “I won.” his minions were still scurrying through the cupboards and cellars searching for the Ring.  What he was really claiming was the Power to control weather and everything else on Earth that the left attributed to Bush.  But it turns out that the power of the presidency is purely a function the character and political and executive skills of the current officeholder.  Three areas where Obama has shown to be seriously lacking.


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