Why is a health care “system” desireable?

Hot Air linked to an article at Huffington Post by Michael Brenner discussing the Narcissist-in-Chief.  As much fun as it is to highlight the almost infinite failings of the Won, and almost as enjoyable pastime watching the angst of the pseudo-intellectuals of the left who, having having so loudly and obnoxiously denied a god in heaven, struggle with the reality of those failings in their new found God in the White House  that those with a functioning eye, a functioning ear and a functioning brain cell to tie them together figured out lo-o-o-o-o-o-ng before the election, there’s actually another point he brings up that I want to address. (Note to self, use more periods.)

In the article, Mr. Brenner grieves about the American private healthcare model, describing it as “…our costly and inefficient non-system.” The implication in the statement and purpose of the article being that there should in fact be a system and that is what our betters, by virtue of their superior intellect are offering to bestow on those of us who are in reality, unworthy.

Ummm…..<hand raised in back of class where the dunces sit> “Teacher.  Teacher.  Why should there be a system of healthcare?”

I’m glad you asked that question.

Let’s go back to the beginning.  Healthcare starts with the relationship between the healthcare provider and the afflicted.  I use healthcare provider intentionally.  True intellectuals (Not me.  Despite three degrees, I’m still not stupid enough to be an intellectual) would say doctors, because only people with doctor as a title are deserving of recognition.  But in reality, this relationship can be between nurse and patient, x-ray tech and patient, midwife and patient, acupuncturist and patient, medicine man and patient, chiropractor and patient…you get the picture.  The issue ultimately comes down to the hands-on application of some form of healing art.  It’s not a system.  It’s a relationship.  Involved in that relationship is renumeration for the service such as; money, goats, chickens, clams or whatever other sort of barter system is prevalent in the society.  It’s not just a relationship, it’s a transaction.  The application of that service is not a system.  It is skill set…sometimes science, sometimes art, sometimes a pig in a poke.  Sometimes it’s high technology, sometime hard science, sometimes borders on pure blind luck.  (Ouch, that paragraph’s getting painful.)

Let me describe a healthcare system for you.  There was an eye clinic in the Soviet Union where they mass produced eye surgeries.  They had surgical beds on a conveyor belt. (no kidding.  This is not the face I use when I kid around)  At various stations, different processes were carried out.  At one station you climb on the bed.  Then they draped you, then the forgot to anesthetize the eye.  Then they started the right procedure on the wrong eye and the wrong procedure on the right eye (unless the right eye was the left eye).  Then they stitched up the incisions, and sent you home blind to die of the raging septic infections.  Of course if anything goes wrong during one of the step of the procedure, it doesn’t matter.  The conveyor belt will keep moving so the next victimpatient would be moved into position to get their equal access to the “healthcare system”.  This is the “system” that the Leftists are offering the people of the United States.  And why is this “system” desirable?  Because it meets all the requirements liberals think is proper for the masses.

  • It was cheap.  Always remember that the goal of socialized medicine is not to save lives.  It’s to save money.  The fact that it is totally ineffective is immaterial.  The Ruling Elite have no intention of exposing themselves to the “healthcare system” they are going to impose on the unwashed masses.  The Soviet nomenklatura didn’t use the eye surgery production line.  They went to good hospitals reserved for them and if they needed very specialized care, they went to Western European hospitals.  The eye clinic wasn’t an exception.  The Women’s Hospital in Moscow was thought to be a major contributor to the dirth of births there.  One trip to that chamber of horrors was enough for even the toughest women.
  • It provides equal treatment for all, even if the condition you have isn’t the same as the person on the bed in front of you.  “Your cataracts will be cured whether you have them or not.”  It’s not about getting effective care, it’s about getting equal care.  Everybody will have the inalienable right to see a general practitioner who will hold the hand and speak palliative words about accepting the pains that life brings, growing old gracefully and accepting the little red pill that will make all that darkness go away, especially if you’re past the politically correct age.

Auschwitz was a system.  It was a cost effective, smoothly running machine to sort its ‘guests’, extract the last useable value from them whether it was their labor, their gold teeth, or their hair and then dispose of the rest based on their remaining life quality index.  Shooting people and burying them had proven to take to long, used too many expensive bullets, and killing women and children was having deleterious effects on the Wehrmacht troops involved.  It wasn’t very systematic.  The gas chambers performed bulk late term abortions and the ovens sped the disposal process along nicely.  They were run by a few select personnel (inmates) who had no stress issues that the managers had to worry about.  And it turns out that human fat is combustible, reducing the oven’s carbon footprint.  What’s not to like for someone into human processing systems that use what people have to serve society, but don’t keep them hanging around too long.  Why, it was enough to make an intellectual swoon with its economy and logic.

Saying that the US healthcare industry isn’t a ‘system’ keeps sounding more and more like a feature than a bug.


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