Why do people think she’s smart?

…or even competent.

I’ve been countering for some time the PR campaign that convinced half the country that Obama was some superhuman intellectual when in fact he is an imaginationless dogmatic liberal working straight from whatever leftist playbook he happens to have read last.

Allow me now to shine the light on another falsely anointed “genius”, Hillary Clinton.  Most people have heard about her shameless childish rant in the Congo last week.  And of course, the liberal press that has carried her water since Bill became president is trying to spin it to blame the person who asked the question.  But let’s get back to basics.  What qualified her for the job of Secretary of State and why did she take the position?

Clinton has zero diplomatic experience.  Meeting with diplomats spouses and having pictures taken with the kitchen staff while dodging imaginary bullets at the airport do not make a person a diplomat.

Smart?  She was one of five partners at the Rose Law Firm.  Four of them became convicted felons while she worked at the office, yet she didn’t know anything illegal was happening.  She didn’t know anything was happening.  She claimed to be ignorant of even the legal activities going on in the office, admitting that she put her name on legal documents sight unseen that had been prepared by legal aides.  Why did she sign them then?  Because then the firm could then charge partner rates for the services done by underlings.  She cheated her clients.  How do you bribe a sitting governor?  Pay a retainer to his wife’s law firm.  She gets a piece of the action that goes right to the governor’s mansion’s bank account.

Smart?  She hamfisted the 1st War On Healthcare in ’93.  She ran for senator solely on her husband’s name in a state she never lived in before because she knew she didn’t stand a chance in any state that had had anything to do with her.  She blew the presidential nomination after running for president for almost ten years because she thought it was about the Clinton popularity polls and not getting delegates at the convention.  Then she gave up a secure senate seat to become her arch nemesis’ secretary.  I wonder if he makes her get coffee.  I wonder if he makes her get under the desk?  (OOHHHH!  I didn’t say that.  I have to go pour Draino in my mind’s eye.)  Did she think becoming Secretary of State would give her a platform to run for the presidency again?  Obama offered her that position to bury her.  Yeah, I can barely open my eyes in the presence of such brilliance.

Now on top of that we can add harpy.  Shrill, egotistical harpy.  Should we really be surprised that she compares US presidential elections to African kleptocracies.  Yeah…smart diplomacy.  After she leaves the room, Obama can’t be anything but an improvement when he hands out iPods of his own brilliant speeches.  GAWD, we’re in the best of hands.

The good news.  These were the two best minds in the Democratic quiver.  And the press accuses the Republicans of lacking leaders?


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