Obama the God

I’ve been reading some of the stuff Obama said on a teleconference with a bunch of religious folks.  I’ll give Ann Althouse the nod here so I can shamelessly link back to her site.  Somehow I think his effort is going to backfire like everything else he says.

What does he really mean when he says “partner with God”?  I believe that it is Obama’s way of saying that he is God’s equal.  Yeah, that ought to sway the truly religious.

What Obama exhibited was the crassest form of stereotyping.  He turned a political discussion into religious terms.  Opposition becomes sin.  Spreading the Word of God becomes Shilling for Obama.  I’ve seen this kind of behavior in hard core liberals before.  He wasn’t talking to people.  He was talking to a caricature of those people as he views them, translating his thoughts into “a language they can understand.”  It fits right in with the “clinging to their guns and religion” line he used.  I hope his audience recognized the absolute and utter contempt he exhibited for them.

I’m picturing Jesus all dressed in robes and everything, looking all spiffy because he’s got some angel honey polishing his…uh…halo.  Yeah, polishing his halo.  He descends to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave on his cloud ride.  “Hey…Obama.  A word with you please.  It’s “I am my brothers keeper.”, not “I am my brother’s owner.”  It’s “I am my brother’s keeper”, not “You are my brother’s keeper.”  And speaking about being your brother’s keeper, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about your relatives.”

Obama made a speech once…it might have been his “grandmother is a typical white woman” speech…where he basically stated that he believed in God as long as God served his purposes.  That folks, is the antithesis of faith.  And it puts his 20 years sitting in Rev. Wright’s church in glaring perspective.  He wasn’t there to praise God.  Obama doesn’t believe in God.  Obama is God.  He was there solely to get points in the community as a ‘religious man’ and to bask in the light of Rev. Wrights racist rants.

Electorate of America…What Has’t Thou Wrought.


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