Saving the Obama Presidency…Why?

William McGurn at Wall Street Journal Opinion Journal makes the case that Obama can save his presidency by moving politically to the right.  He uses as his example of Bill Clinton who for two years ran hard left under trying to take the lead from the Democrats in Congress, and then tacked back to the right when the Republicans took control in 1994 and by adopting the policies of his opponents, bought himself a second term.

Bill Clinton was the consummate politician throughout his career.  He governed a midwestern, almost southern state for almost 12 years.  He had exposure to and success with a broad political spectrum.  His swing to the right may easily have been no more artificial than his swing to the left, following his political nose in search of opportunity.

So you can talk about a Republican resurgence giving Obama an opportunity to renew his administration by allowing it to let the Republicans lead the country from disaster, and then blaming them for it as Clinton did.  But then you can talk about snakes putting on shoes and tap dancing across the floor.  ‘Tain’t gunna’ happen.  Obama is as leftist an ideologue as any mainstream politician in the business.  Even if Congress can neutralize the damage he is doing domestically, there is little they can do to stop his disastrous foreign policy of open support for anti-American elements and undermining of the US at every turn.  “Rescuing” the Obama administration from itself will still leave an incompetent, narcissistic anti-American socialist in charge of the myriad elements of the Executive branch of the federal government.  I’m not seeing the goodness in that.


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