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It is a complete failure of the Republican Party that they don’t pound this message out like a drum.  The Democrats have painted the Republicans as the racist party of the rich white men by repeating the same smears over and over and over again until even the Republicans believe it.  Like George Bush apologizing for saying something he was told by a Democrat because the Democrats accused him of saying it*, the Republicans reflexively assume the posture of crouched defensiveness (yeah, I read that description somewhere) whenever the leftists accuse them of some vile anti-social behavior even when that accusation flies in the face of the very thing the Republicans are supposed to stand for.  Because the Republicans don’t want to be unseemly or ungentlemanly.

Dear reader, the Democrats/Socialists/Leftists are political terrorists.  (Yeah, I used the ‘T’ word.  So sue me.)  They fight without rules.  They fight without scruples.  They fight without ‘honor’ (if that word even has any meaning anymore after decades of leftist influence in society).  A lie for the good of the Party is the Truth and the only goal is the accumulation of more power.  There is no higher purpose.  It is all well and good to desire to have polite debates about arcane public policy, but the first rule of diplomacy is it takes both sides to be willing to work by the same set of rules and desiring to achieve a diplomatic solution.  To engage in one sided diplomacy (which describes pretty much the whole of the failed efforts to accomplish anything in the Middle East) is pretty much guaranteed to achieve futility and failure.  When diplomacy fails, which is when one side has no desire to achieve diplomatic resluts, you go to war.  The Democrats/Socialists/Leftists/Statist/Regressives (there’s nothing progressive about the Left)/contemporary liberals don’t actually want war.  They want subservience (that slavery habit never really left them).  The Republicans/Capitalist/Rightists/Free people/True Progressives/Classical Liberals need to decide if they are going to fight or bow.

The R/C/R/Fp/TP/CL need to stop letting the other side define them and set the debate.  Just like Richard Nixon and Linebacker II**, sometimes to get a diplomatic result, you first have to convince your opponent that they really want to come to the table in good faith.

* Reference to Iraq’s attempt to acquire uranium from Niger in the 2003 State of the Union Address.

** Linebacker II was the full scale bombing of North Vietnam that convinced the government there that they really, really wanted to have productive diplomacy.


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