Don’t stop with Rangel

The pressure is on for the tax scandal plagued Congressman from Harlem to step down from the chairmanship of the House tax writing committee.

But equally, the pressure should be on for the members of the so-called “Ethics Committee” who accepted bribes from Rangel to stand down from those positions as well.  The reality of an ethics enforcement board accepting bribes should be too obscene to comprehend, but just fits right into the standard operating procedures of the absolutely worst Congress ever.  It also reinforces my rule that “Self-policing is no policing.”

More so than just loosing their prestigious positions, these acts are clearly criminal and all three (Rangel, Chandler [unnamed party affiliation-KY], Butterfield [unnamed party affiliation-NC], and Welch [unnamed party affiliation-VT]) should be looking at criminal sanctions.  Rangel is a tax cheat and if he wasn’t an important Democrat would surely be under criminal indictment. (but as we all know, tax laws are only for little people)   While Welch returned the bribes from Rangel (a mitigating circumstance I suppose) the other two kept their thirty pieces of silver and should be considered every bit as criminal as accountants who are getting jail sentences in the decades for “violations of the public trust”.  And of course, y’all know that those sentences for the accountants were based on laws written by the corruptocrats in Congress.  The Constitution provided protections for congresscritters to prevent interference by the executive branch.  But it absolutely never gave them immunity to lie, cheat and steal anything they can get their hands on.

Term limits.  This entire Congressional circus is the inevitable result of unlimited tenure and the seniority system it creates.


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