Here’s a thought for Labor Day!

Mickey Kaus at Slate discusses the awful state of public opinion on labor unions.

As somebody who has worked in the working world that ‘journalists’, liberals, and politicians always talk about but often know nothing about because so many of them have never really worked a day in their life, let me add to their knowledge about worker’s perceptions of unions.

Labor unions are labor mafias.  They produce nothing.  Essentially, they are legalized organized crime mobs.  They extract benefits for their membership through simple extortion, a protection/shake-down racket.  Their primary goal is not to improve the plight of the working class.  Their primary goal is the accumulation of power.  Card Check is simply a method to enslave more people into their ranks where they can be robbed of union dues to the enrichment and empowerment of the labor mafia dons.

The people I know who are not in unions do not want to be in unions.  Many people I know who are in unions don’t want to be.  But they are enslaved.  They have no freedom to choose membership or freedom without loosing their primary means of support.  Union membership isn’t going down because of “anti-organizing” efforts by management.  Union membership is going down because unions are evil, many of their members thugs and people don’t want anything to do with them.  Unions don’t protect workers.  Unions protect the lazy, incompetent and corrupt.  It almost goes without saying that the guy walking around the shop with the biggest union button is the least productive.  A burden on society protected by the labor mafia.

Labor law reform?  There is no reform in making the labor mafias even more powerful and the workers who the politicians claim to protect more enslaved than ever.

Want labor law reform?  Repeal union’s anti-trust exemption.  Make the union’s survival dependent on the company it leeches off of.  I bet that would get public support.


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