School Speech A Learning Moment for Obama [updated [again]]

It’s simple Barry…people simply don’t trust you anymore. (Some of us never did.)

Every word out of your mouth has an expiration date. You can get away with that in South Chicago. The rest of the country is made of better stuff.  In the bulk of the country, that is called dishonesty.

You are a Fascist by the very definition of the word.  You were going to create the Obama Youth…until that became too hot to sustain.  Mandatory duty to do the bidding of Masters in the government.  So you dropped it publicly.  But nobody believes that you have forgotten it.  Armies of sycophantic followers, brainwashed from their earliest days are part and parcel of autocratic leader cults.

Nobody trusts you to talk to their kids because they are young and impressionable.  Nobody is going to let you babysit them because they don’t trust what you are going to teach them while they are gone.  Nobody wants their kids sucked into your cult.

Updated: Tim Rutten at the LA Times says opposition to Obama’s school special is an example of paranoia.  No Tim, it’s an example of wise discretion when faced with a person of Power who simply is not trustworthy.  Someone who has spent the his entire time in office ‘acting stupidly’.  Who has exhibited zero good judgment.  And has a tendency to say idiotic things when speaking live.  The entire This Is Big Brother The President Live Show is an exercise in egotism and bad judgment.  He could have recorded the message last week.  It would have been reviewed, critiqued a little bit and viewed by far more kids than will see it now.  But it wasn’t about addressing the children.  It was about Him.  It’s always about Him.  And that is why nobody with any sense trusts him.

[Update] Speech released.  Fifty-six references to himself.  Four references to the United States.  It is ALL about Him ALL the time.  It is any surprise at all that he He thinks we are supposed to obey him Him.  This was why he was going to tell the kids to figure out how to “help the president”, at least until the opposition started up.  It wasn’t a super-secret underhanded subterfuginous (yeah, I made that up) plot.  He doesn’t understand why people would object to his call to serve Him.  He is his own god.


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