The Obama Crisis

One of my favorite bloggers, Richard Fernandez [Belmont Club] writes about Obama and his need for a crisis to stimulate support for his healthcare takeover.  The problem for Obama is that the real crisis that is rapidly brewing is Obama himself.  Obama is loosing support in almost every quarter including his left wing extremists.  The solid right wing opposition is rapidly moving into mainstream opposition as the country that spent fifty years standing as the bulwark against Communist Bloc expansion comes to see the similarity between what Obama is offering and what we successfully defeated.  Members of his own party are starting to defect as they begin to recognize that he is becoming political poison in their districts.

What he really needs to do to head off this Obama crisis is…nothing.  Instead, he is committed to doing everything on his leftist agenda.  His response to each setback is to go to the next thing on his list.  He’s like a man pathologically afraid of snakes trying to kill a snake that fell in his boat with a shotgun.  Everything he does makes the situation worse for the other people in the boat who would really like him to stop shooting holes in the hull.


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