It’s about the credibility, stupid

The sliding numbers of the worshipful for Godbama should and probably do reflect largely on The One’s credibility or lack thereof.  For five years the Left hounded President Bush for making a single statement backed up be virtually every intelligence agency in the world at the time.   Obama habitually spouts numbers and statements from his nether regions with total aplomb.  A Republican congressmen raised that issue during Obama’s healthcare propaganda snoozefest, calling him a liar on the floor of Capital.  I wish he hadn’t grovelled later.  I was hoping the Republicans would stand up to the Liar in Chief and call him out on every detail.  It would have been SO-O-O-O-O entertaining.  I predicted that ZerO was going to claim that there was no alternative because he’s used that line before.  When he announced that ‘the opposition would have us do nothing’ (which by the way, would be less damaging than doing his thing) one of the Republicans should have stood up waving a copy of the Republican plan and said, “Here it is!”  But the Republican leadership is all about behaving well and assuming the posture of crouched defensiveness.

The Obamessiah makes up facts and figures to fit his world view because his world view, and that of most modern liberal/leftists lack a clear attachment to the block of stone we inhabit.  Liberals on a good day have a less than ideal relationship with reality.  How supposedly intelligent people (of course, maybe this should get us reconsidering the meaning of intelligence) can look at the wealthiest, most successful country on Earth and compare it disfavorably to some of the World’s worst piss holes is beyond me.  Mass psychosis?  Willful blindness?  Stupidity?   In navigation, surveying, engineering, and myriad other fields, one of the most important issues is establishing a fixed, known location to start from.  You plan from, proceed from, measure from that basis point.  Liberals, lacking that attachment to the here and now, suffer all the undesirable side effects of not having a good reference point from which to start.  Consequently, numbers and facts don’t really have any meaning.  Stalin or Lenin or one of those revolutionary sorts is attributed to have said, “A lie for the good of the Party is the Truth.” Maybe the reality of that statement was not so much a justification or encouragement to engage in the willful expression of falsehoods, but a description of Truth when the reference point is a nebulous ideal rather than This World.  (Naw, he was just telling them to lie)  There is a saying that “Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but nobody is entitled to their own reality.”  Especially when public policy is being based on those ‘realities’ of their own making.  So The One spouts anything that makes his case because his case exists outside this reality.  This undoubtedly worked in South Chicago – an area largely populated with like minded liberals with similar loose attachments to reality.

But a lot of the country isn’t South Chicago.  And people who had hoped that changing the color of the Presidency would bring about positive change are starting to pick up on the lack of a solid basis for the stuff Obama makes up in his speeches.  And he is only about speeches.  He’s got nothing else.

The result is more and more people simply don’t believe Barry any more.  Someone should have read him the story about the Boy Who Cried Wolf.  Or maybe somebody should have taught him the meaning of honesty and integrity.  Because his real problem is that he is a one act play (that mind-numbing orator thing) but the more he talks the less people will believe him.  The best thing he could do is go into hiding and let his sycophants in the press do all the lying for him so he could at least go for the plausible deniability defense.  Otherwise, he’s got nowhere to go but down as more and more people come to realize the depth of his credibility hole.


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