And back to that edjurcat’n topic

(This was another draft left over from March.  March was a bad month for not publishing.  Must have been the midterms.)

Little Green Footballs had some posts about the abysmal level of science education in the US today.  Some thoughts.

1.  I doubt most other countries do a whole lot better.  Science classes are hard.  That’s why there are so many gym teachers.

2.  It is not in the National Education Associations (teacher’s labor mafia) interest to expand science education.  If people had a better handle on science, they wouldn’t be as gullable to their leftist agenda.  They would see through  the bunk that charlatans spread around like global warming, transfat bans, anything presented as a statistic.

3.  There is technical education.  Then there is technical inclination.  You can teach people technical subjects, but not necessarily make them technical people in the same way that you can force mandatory art classes.  It may provide more people standing around the Art Museum on Sunday copying the works of the masters without providing any new masters worth copying.

4.  Speaking of which, I sent a joke to the #1 daughter who’s away at school working towards some language arts degree or something.

A scientist asks: “Why does it work?”

An engineer asks: “How does it work?”

An accountant asks: “What does it cost?”

An artist asks: “Do you want fries with that?”

Love ya’ always M. XOXO

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  1. W2O Jr. on

    A psychologist asks: “And how do you feel about that?”

    As everything trickles down, even when there are free thinking students who ask more questions, they are held down by their indoctrinated teachers who often don’t know what their talking about if it’s not in the teacher edition of the textbook. Those students go one to college to finish their indoctrination to ‘the mindless mass.’ And the cycle just continues.

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