In the order of succession

(This was originally drafted back in March.  Since then we’ve had the Congolese hissy fit, the dancing State Dept gigolos and a few other high points on the watch of the sure to be [almost] first woman president.)

I’ve been writing too much about Dear Leader lately.  Perhaps I should give him a breather.

Let’s start talking about his illustrious subordinates.

Question:  Who came up with the idea that Hillary Clinton would be a good Secretary of State?

Answer:  The same person who thought that Joe Biden could be vice president and not embarrass the administration daily.

Hillary’s diplomatic experience:  None.  Executive experience (SoS is a management position): None.  Accomplishments not tied to being Bill’s wife:  None.

Congress can limit the president’s domestic agenda.  While Pelosi/Reid are without shame in their desire to rule like commisars, there will be enough blue dog democrats to start imposing some constraint as the public begins to realize the scale of the Left’s dementia.  But on the diplomatic side, international relations, Congress can do little.  If Congress turns over completely in 2010, the House veto proofed and the Senate filibustered proofed, there’s little they can do on the diplomatic side. I have no doubt that the perception of the US will change over the next four years.  It won’t be for the better.

I have no sympathy for PM Brown who was ‘dissed by Obama when he came to pay homage.  Brown shamefully made no bones about his preference for Obama and his disdain for Bush, for which Bush repaid him by maintaining absolutely proper diplomatic protocol and decorum at all times.  Same for all the other Euroweenies who thought it would be so wonderful to have a teleprompter reader as President of the US.  I am so looking forward to when they start making comparisions with Colin Powell and Condi Rice.


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