Let’s put those “fixes” in perspective

There was a story about a Soviet worker (yeah I’m using some poetic license here) who left work every day pushing a wheelbarrow full of dirt.  He did this every day.  The guards were certain that he was stealing something, so they routinely stopped him and dug through the dirt looking for the loot but always found nothing.  Finally, the man retired and moved into a fine apartment completely out of the class for the pitiful pension he received.  A friend asked, “How do you pay for this?  You never stole anything from the factory.”  And the ex-worker replied, “I stole wheelbarrows.”

The Socialist/Fascist/Democrats are going to try and pass a thousand pages of legislation that will pretty much destroy the American healthcare system, the best in the world.  In order to make the package more palatable to people who oppose the Socialist/Fascist part of the Democratic agenda, the Democrats offer little fig leaves.  For example, when Obama, “You Lie!”ed about funding healthcare for illegal immigrants, the Democrats offered to put in language that would require proof of citizenship.

In a thousand pages of self-admittedly poorly written legislation, the Democrats will put a single clause that will require proof of citizenship to prevent illegal aliens from abusing the system.  Now, dear reader, let’s start a pool on how long it will take for another thousand page piece of trillion dollar legislation to hit the floor of Congress with the one line buried on page XXX that repeals that ban.  Dr Zero at Hot Air figures it will be forced by the judiciary.  The mechanism doesn’t matter.

Umpteen congressional outrages ago, the controversy was earmarks and how it wasted money.  Earmarks only involved a few percent of most budget bills.  The problem with earmarks is the unbridled corruption it engenders.  The real budget busters were the bulk of the spending bills that created multi-hundred billion dollar programs with unlimited future expenditure commitments.  That’s where all the money has gone.  Yet that was ignored while the earmarks distracted the opposition.

It’s not all the little twists and turns of the healthcare bill that make it dangerous to the country.  It’s not the clauses that causes the problem.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s named for Obama, Mary Joe’s chauffeur, or nobody at all.  As Mark Steyn at NRO points out, it’s the entire bill.  The entire “healthcare reform” bill is a Trojan Horse for a massive restructuring of the US economy to enslave it to the political masters and social elites of the Left.  Once that bill takes effect, the elimination of all the little promises used to buy the acquiescence of the opposition will take no time to at all to get disappeared.  And don’t think for a moment that the Left is going to stop there.  The Democrats have federal investigators running around to garage sales and flea markets to enforce “consumer safety” laws.  There is NOTHING the Leftists don’t want or think they are obligated to control.


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