Dear Democrats; What part of “NO” don’t you understand?

Some of us are on to your plan to take over the healthcare system.

We know it’s not about providing improved healthcare to the US people because you say it’s about saving money.  Reducing cost can only be done by denying services, aka, rationing.  The reason the United States spends as much as it does on healthcare is because WE WANT TO!  The people of the United States freely choose to spend gobs of money to get fixed when we break, get healed when we’re sick, get our teeth whitened, get boob jobs (Not me personally.  My manboobs are just fine the way they are.) and pretty much do whatever it takes to hold off the meeting with the man with the sickle.

We know it’s not health insurance reform.  The purpose of the healthcare reform is to drive the  private insurers out of business.  That will leave the federal government as the sole financier of the healthcare industry.  If you control all the money, it would pretty much give you total control of the industry.

We know that EVERY case you provide to justify this industry takeover is ultimately dishonest.  What “Healthcare Reform” is really about is the acquisition of power and the desire of the Left to control all things.


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