Professor Obama

I had a professor once.  Very nice guy.  Wonderful gentleman.  He never completed a sentence.  His nickname was Babbling Ben.  He should have taught quantum physics instead of structural mechanics because his lectures were living examples of time dilation.  He made one hour feel like two.  My observation during one class was the unfortunate situation of a person steeped in knowledge who would take all that knowledge to the grave because of the inability to convey it to others in any usable form.  It was a complete contrast to the math professor who dragged me through Differential Equations an Advance Math for Engineers.  I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly of college professors.

The One has admitted that he was a failure at community organizing.  He wrote a book about it.  He was a waste of the chairs in which he sat in two senates.  A legislative nothing.  His level of incompetence as president has broken the whole concept of the Peter Principle.  (But is a case study on the affects of affirmative action.  We’ll save that for later.)  Now we have him as the Educator Of The United States (EOTUS) attempting to teach the American people about the Democrat’s healthcare takeover insurance reform.  Because of course, people are only opposed to it because they are confused about it.  His lesson plan is masterful.  If he just keeps repeating the same lines over and over and over and over and over again, they will eventually get it!

Let’s look at some of what makes a good teacher.

  1. They need to be able to put themselves in the place of the student.  They need to be able to think in terms of, “If I were these students and had had their previous classes, what would I need to bridge from what I know to what I am supposed to know?”  “If I present a topic and the students don’t understand, how should I rephrase or alter the presentation to come at it in a different way?”  This is difficult for a narcissist to do.  Personally, I’ve experienced the incompetent instructor who decided the class was too stupid to learn.  A student (or parents) should be able to get their tuition money back for services not rendered in those cases.
  2. They should READ THE BOOK.  This is big.  It’s difficult to lecture a class when students keep pointing to the discrepancy between what you say and what the book says.  Especially when the whole point of the class is to sell the book.
  3. They should tell the truth.  You can’t teach math with 1 + 1 = 3.  If your facts are in disarray, it will ‘confuse’ the students.
  4. The students are not going to be receptive to the lesson if the subject of the book the class is trying to teach is To Serve Man, the cookbook, with the students as the main course.

So now, knowing that he has been pretty much useless at everything else he has ever tried, it turns out that he apparently sucked as a teacher, too.

Reagan was the Great Communicator.  W was the Great Miscommunicationater.  Obama is the…well let’s face it.  He’s still just an empty suit.


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