Another blogger succumbs to some manic disease – Update

I used to read Little Green Footballs a lot.  It had a proud place on my link bar.  No more.  Looks like Johnson’s hatred of Glenn Beck has shut down his brain.  Glenn Beck is an obnoxious little twerp, but he’s done more to stop the Obama/Democrat socialist juggernaut than just about anybody else.  Maybe I’ll check back in sometime and see if he’s getting meds or something.

BTW:  Just to be clear – It is HIS site and he can write what he wants.  What I read is on MY time and I’ll read or not read what I want.

Apparently the pressure of having to post something every day got to him.  But that wouldn’t happen to me.  No.  Never.

Update:  Apparently Ace of Spades sees the same thing.


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