The Democrats have redefined the term “Racism”

I’m not sure why they would do that.  They always claim to be trying to cure the ills of the past.  Maybe they decided to remove the stigma associated with the word.  I’ve sometimes thought of doing that…like buying a boat and naming it Titanic in order to lift the stigma from that name (unless of course, it sinks).

  • Original definition of “racism” as the Democrats would have it mean: Discrimination or prejudice based on race.
  • New definition as Democrats are using it now: Opposition to unconstitutional or irresponsible government policies.  Not sycophantic to the Democratic plantation Party.

Of course for the Democrats, the latter definition is probably as bad as the former.

Now that we’ve established that, it’s amusing to see the worst president ever (you know him.  His name rhymes with Timmah*) Timmah has come to the defense of the new candidate for worst president ever by claiming that the Tea Party movement hints of racism.  He understates the reality of course.  The Tea Party movement SCREAMS of racism, under the Democrat’s new definition of the term, of course.  No wonder the Democrats bray about them so.  Few times in US history has there been such an outpouring of opposition to unconstitutional and irresponsible government policies.  Where he is wrong however is the Tea Party movement is not sycophantic to either party, not just the Democrats.

One would think that the worst president in history would love to have somebody replace him in that role.  But think about it.  Presidents are all about their legacy and having accomplished nothing during his term, if he ceases to be the worst president ever, he goes away.  There’s just a four year gap between President Ford and President Reagan.  To somebody who rose all the way to the Leader of the Free World (which he did little or nothing to keep free) that’s probably a fearful fate.

PS:  1) I lived through the Carter years.  I speak from first hand knowledge.  2) I was root’n for Colin Powell to run for President back in ’96 only five years after the Democrats attempted a “high-tech lynching for uppity blacks” of Clarence Thomas for being a black man who refused to live on the Democratic Party plantation.  I know which political party is racist, by the original definition.

* <sigh> OK. For you people who don’t get out much, Timmy is a South Park character who’s entire vocabulary consists of pronouncing his name, “Timmah”.


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  1. 12stepgolf on

    Michael Steele warned them that we were taking the muzzles off. Oops, forgot Michael was a black man. Then where are Maureen and Jimmy in defense of Clarence Thomas?
    It is over they cannot use the race card against us anymore.

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