Has leftist cries of “Racism” jumped the shark*? – updated

Something good may come out of the hyper-racial** Obama administration.  The liberals have gotten their First Black President and have attempted to capitalize on it by trying to silence opposition to his socialist/marxist/Culture of Corruption reign by accusing anyone who objects as RACIST, the Scarlett Letters of the Left.  Unfortunately for the Left, accusing somebody of racism only works when it is narrowly focused so that the audience (bystanders, peanut gallery, useful tools) to the accusation can all make themselves feel good, or safe, by joining in on the condemnation of the accused.  Accusing EVERYBODY of racism, though, gives too many people opportunity to go, “No I’m not”, recognize that most of the people they know aren’t, and then by extension figure out that the accusations are fraudulent.

Decades of racist hate mongering by the left convinced a lot of people to duck and cover when accusations of racism were thrown about under the guise of Political Correctness.  The savaging of Republican politicians by the Democratic Main Stream Media for the slightest perceived infraction of the Left’s PC rules has resulting in the Republican’s almost permanent posture of crouched defensiveness.  PC of course has nothing to do with equality, human rights, getting along together or any of the other stated goals of the Left.  PC is about enforcing obedience to a political ruling class.  The same political ruling class that flouts the PC rules like they didn’t exist because a true ruling class only makes rules for other people.  Like the Talmud through which Jews prove their faith by adherence to a mass of (at least to me) utterly illogical sets of rules.  It’s not the rules that make you holy.  It’s the blind acceptance and obedience that does the job.  Under the PC regime, it was just easier to join in the stoning of the accused than stand for, what? …Due Process?  …a shred of evidence?  …standing up for the innocent?  The Left has created a whole body of law and pseudo-law based on Guilt By Accusation, of which racism is probably the most egregious offense to be accused of (because actually committing the offense isn’t a requirement).

But by accusing EVERYBODY of racism, or at least the 50+ percent that have not or have recently quit drinking the Hopey-Changey Kool-Aid, they violated the stone thrower to accused ratio required for a good public scourging.  If you’ve only got a one stone thrower to one accused ratio, there’s a reasonable probability that the stone thrower may end up with their stones stuck where the sun don’t shine.  Worse for the Left, the stone stuffing accused is way less likely in the future to serve as a useful tool when faux-racist accusations are aimed at someone who has raised the ire of the Left.

If true, then it may in fact be the super-mega-hyper racially polarized Obama administration that through its political blindness and Chicagoland thug mentality, actually ameliorates racial tensions in the United States by rending impotent the Number 1 Weapon of the true racist community here, the Political Left and its race mongering culture of eternal victimization and infinite grievance.

Update: Just ran across an Obama Criticism Flow Chart that graphically lays out the liberal concept of racism.  Curiously, it has nothing to do with race.

* OK, once again for those who don’t get out much.  Jump the Shark is a reference to something that has outlived its welcome.  The reference is based on a scene in the sitcom Happy Days where the Fonz water ski jumps over a corral of sharks or something.  After that, nobody much cared what they did.  The series just wound down from there.

** The “Post-racial” Obama administration died with the “…my grandmother the typical white woman…” speech in March of ’08.

Update:  JamieWearingFool describes how HOV lanes are racist.


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  1. tom on

    One quibble: People who don’t understand references to TV shows are not the ones who don’t get out much.

    • way2opinionated on

      It wasn’t the TV show that was the reference. It was the “Jump the Shark” figure of speech.

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