What a wonderful World it would be.

Jimmy Carter is going to be saved from the pits of historical damnation as the Worst President Ever and relegated to the pits of historical purgatory as the new candidate for Worst President Ever works to secure that title.

Christopher Hitchens at Slate describes the clean up Jimmy Carter’s successors have had to engage in over the last third of a century thanks to Carter’s legacy in international affairs.  Hitchens attributes much of the problem to Carter’s inability to tell America’s friends from America’s enemies.

Now consider the current occupant of the White House.  He knows who America’s friends are…and rejects them out of hand for being just that.  His New World Order puts the United States solidly in the camp of tyrants, totalitarian states and rule by minority political elites while he openly insults, belittles and abandons longtime allies.

Let’s look at some revisionist history.  Let’s put Obama in Franklin Roosevelt’s position.  The revision starts in 1933, so let’s look at the world at the point my narrative diverges.  Revisions shall be highlighted in italics.

In 1933, Japan was ruled by a military junta in the name of the living god-king, Emperor Hirohito.  Japan had occupied the Korean Peninsula, Manchuria, Taiwan and a number of Eastern Pacific islands.  The Japanese Imperial Army was pushing out from Manchuria into the rest of China.  The Nazis took power in Berlin in 1933.  Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor and quickly assumed absolute dictatorial power over the German state.  Mussolini and his Fascist Party were solidly in power in Italy.  In the real world, the European affairs of the mid-30s took place without much influence from the United States.  Japan continued to expand its empire.  Germany revoked the Treaty of Versailles, re-militarized, and began the forceful occupation of bordering lands.  Italian policy reversed from an anti-imperialist policy to militant expansionism.

Now let’s look back on the revised history.

In 2009, it’s The Year 76 of the Age of O’bama – a charismatic, narcissistic, megalomaniac (I mean, good God, he named his dog after himself!) Irishman from Chicago who just happens to be a raving anti-American socialist.  It is also curiously The Year 76 of the Third Reich.  O’bama was elected in 1932 solely based on the widespread unpopularity of his predecessor and in total disregard for his thin resume and questionable affiliations.  Under O’bama, no term limit amendment was ever passed and he served as President for Life until his death by natural causes in 1972.

Here’s what drives the big revision:  Is there ANY real evidence based on the real Obama’s political history and current foreign policy that would indicate that he would do anything except sympathize with the Fascists of Germany and Italy?  Really.  Come on.  Make your case.

The United States never went to war with Japan because O’bama never sided with China against Japanese imperialism.  The Eastern Pacific and half of Asia has been engulfed by the Japanese Empire Greater East Asian Co-prosperity Sphere.  The European Axis Powers, with at best American acquiescence and at worst American complicity, conquered Europe to the Urals where they have butted up against the Japanese sphere of influence in Asia.  North Africa remained in Italian hands.  The rest of Africa, which was mostly possessions of the now conquered European powers is also dominated by the Axis.  The Middle East with half the known oil in the world and always sympathetic the Axis (they were until they figured out the Axis was going to lose) supplies the Axis war machine with almost unlimited quantities of fuel.

Juan Peron of Argentina was a Fascist, following Mussolini’s example and sympathetic to the Nazis.  In the early part of the 20th Century, before the Peronistas destroyed the Argentine economy aparently forever, Argentina was a significant power in South American.  The Argentine military led by Peronista Fascists and supported by the victorious Axis in Europe have established dominion over the South American continent.

So what would the world look like if a president of Obama’s political inclinations had become president instead of FDR?

East Asia and large swaths of the Pacific make up the Japanese Empire.  The North Atlantic (Greenland belongs to Denmark and Iceland would not be able to put up any real resistance) belongs to Germany.  Europe from Gibraltar to the Urals is part of the Third Reich.  Southeastern Europe belong to Italy.  Africa is divide between Italian and German Empires.  Southwest Asia pays homage to the victors who pay well for their oil and leave their despots alone to be, well, despotic.  There is no Israel.  There are no countable number of Jews in the Eastern Hemisphere.

What would the United States look like under the conditions described above in that alternate universe?  Do you really want to know?

World history for over 200 years has been shaped mostly for the better by the Presidents of the United States.  James Monroe ensures that South America would not look like Africa, divided up as spoils among various European Empires.  A string of Presidents from Truman on (except Jimmy Carter) worked to assure that the world would not look like the Stalinist Soviet Union.

Look at what a mess Jimmy Carter created in four years of shear incompetence and imagine what Obama can do with four years of shear malice, not just against the interests of the United States, but against the interests of the free world.


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