So when can we start the impeachment?

The Constitution allows for the impeachment of the President for “high crimes and misdemeanors”.  Does that include gross incompetence (nonfeasance).  Does it include the open betrayal of allies as in Eastern Europe?  Does it include actively promoting the overthrow of constitutional government in Honduras?  Does it include illegal funding of political activity?  The list goes on. If Obama stood up and honestly claimed that his intent was to destroy the power of the United States, what policy would he change?

Unfortunately, lacking a declared enemy, treason is not an option even though that is what Obama is ultimately working on…the destruction of the United States as a major power and it’s subjugation to the kleptocracies and dictatorships of the UN. (You, in the back.  No cracks about black UN helicopters.)  It’s basic leftist dogma and Obama is all about the dogma.

What would be sweet as honey would be for the Democrats to do it to save their political skins as Obama becomes more and more of an albatross around their necks come midterms.  Let’s face it, the Republicans don’t have the spine to impeach The First Black President, although if there is a sufficiently large purge of Democrats from Congress in 2010, it may not be as big a problem.  But even with a Republican Congress, Obama still owns the foreign relations and based on the damage Carter did in four years, that is going to be major burden for the United States for a long time.


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