The Leftist religion

Updated:  I forgot the title.

Armed Liberal at Winds of Change pokes Bill Maher in the eye for his insufferable liberal rule making and gives him one in kind.  Maher has (had?) a TV show once but I couldn’t stomach it.  The attitude, the hair, the eternal smirk just screamed “I’m better than you so why are you disagreeing with me.”  For the record, I felt the same about the Oh, So Revered William F. Buckley and his whatever you called accent and stare down his nose snobbery.  And smirk.  Can’t be a snob without a smirk.  I want my intellectual superiors to introduce themselves with a mighty big “Howdy do!”, a firm handshake and a big Cheshire Cat grin, like the dog that just came in from eating road apples in the horse corral and now wants to give you a great big kiss.  But I digress from discussing insufferable liberal rule making.

I was talking to someone who has a fairly liberal bent, about the welfare state, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

I was taking the position that fixes have to be made, those programs really should never have been created, and in all likelihood they will end up going away.  The only question being whether or not that happens while there is still a country remaining or not.  This person decided that the rule should be if you don’t believe in the programs, you should not take part in them.  That I should refuse to accept SS, Medicare or Medicaid.  Because, you see (this is my take on it) it doesn’t matter whether or not I’ve spent my entire life paying into these programs.  It doesn’t matter that people who pay into the system should have first dibs on the proceeds over parasites who have never contributed a penny to it.

No.  What matters is not whether you pay, but that you sell your soul (in the secular sense) to it.  The rule is it doesn’t matter that you got dragged into the system kicking and screaming into a system rife with corruption (it is at best a Ponzi scheme), unsustainable and a threat to the very Republic.  Having stolen parts of my income for my entire life, I should forsake any return because I don’t Believe. Sure.  Give me my money back and you can take your corrupt system without me.  Once again, Liberalism more and more takes on the airs of religion that the oh so ‘rational <ahem> intellectuals’ claim to have risen above.

Once again, I’m guilty of the heresy of not believing in the liberal’s agenda.

OK, I’m done now.


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    Libs – the New Totalitarians

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