I’ve been checking out Stacy McCain’s How to get a million hits on your blog.  Now I could take the high road, following my intrepid path of being way too opinionated in a cave and reaching 1,000,000 hits about the Year 2192 (the septicentennial of the European discover of the Americas).  Or I could put hot sexy pictures in the blog.  Or worse, becoming a hardcore blogtease and put sex in the tags but not provide pictures for the po’ foo’s who come sniffing around for a little..ahem..titillation <tee hee – I said titillation.>  And what did come first the word or the – oh, never mind.

Heh…maybe I could get…MORE OPINIONATED!  I don’t have to worry about facts!  It’s Way Too Opinionated after all, not Way Too Factual.

Screw it, I’m going to bed.


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