I was looking at pictures of the pro-Honduran Democracy protest today (and here and here) and was caught by the lack of clear messaging.  To most people, complaints about the failure of constitutional government is usually tied to the ouster of an elected president which make these calls for action counterproductive.  Signs of support for Michelleti don’t help that much.  He knows that person isn’t going to go to Honduras and stand on the ramparts when the Chavez army shows up to re-instate the Zelaya and the people driving by who may see the sign don’t know who Michelleti is.  Sorry, but most people don’t have the time or inclination to stay that informed.

The message has to be that Obama, and with him the United States foreign policy, are supporting a dictator who is overthrowing a constitutional government.  It’s late and I can’t think of better wording.  But the signs have to clearly point out that the President of the United States is actively pursuing the overthrow of a constitutional democracy.  Yes the United States has associated with bad people before.  But it was always to oppose bigger and badder people in the form of the Bolshevik World Revolution.  Sometimes you have to accept bad to avoid worse.  That is NOT the case in Honduras.

Then the dots have to be connected.  It’s important here, because he wants to do that here, too.  Obama is not all that concerned about re-election.  He wants Zelaya reinstated to create the precedent that constitutional defined presidential term limits are not binding.


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