Ya’ know, legacies can be like luck

If some people didn’t have bad luck, they wouldn’t have any luck at all.  Likewise, legacies are not always a good thing.

This is in response to hippieprof who was kind enough to comment on my previous post.

One of the biggest problems with politicians is they think that doing something, no matter how poorly thought out, ill conceived, and downright counterproductive is better than doing nothing.  “Reform” implies improvement.  “Reforming” a sinking ship by using a shotgun to pack pellets into the holes will in all likelihood just make the holes bigger.  But for Heaven’s sake we don’t want to stand around doing nothing.

As for important legacy, define important.  Did Jeffrey Dahmer leave an important legacy?  I was curious that the comment was “important legacy” rather than “glorious… successfull… or shining legacy”.  A Freudian slip that the Democrats aren’t really as interested in “reforming” healthcare as they are subsuming yet another major sector of the economy into their Government-Corporate Complex?

There are all kinds of real reforms that could be implemented.  Curiously, the Democratic programs include none of them.  The Party of Trial Lawyers isn’t going to kill the Golden Goose by passing tort reform.  The Party of Socialism isn’t going to enable a program that would allow people to own their own insurance rather than a national ‘health insurance’ program that owns them.  Most of the real reforms do not require massive restructuring of the healthcare system.  They don’t need to be passed as a massive omnibus healthcare act just to prove how much damage can be done in one fell swoop.  A bill too big to read is very likely a bill too big to be since it invariably is just a vehicle for undesired (for the society) social engineering and unlimited piles of pork for Democratic constituencies.  Incremental reforms would pass as small bills creating measured steps that could be understood.

I’m not a Republican looking for partisan gain over the opposition.  The Republicans are going to have to work real hard to prove that they are anything except Democrat-Lites.  Note that the Tea Party movement, which I have participated in, is opposed to all of Congress, not just Democrats in Congress.  I am anti-socialist which nowadays is synonymous with anti-Democrat.  I’ve voted Libertarian.  I’ve toyed with the Modern Whigs.  Anything to stymie the Democrat’s March to Statism.  Every country that has tried the socialist healthcare path has ended up at the same place – decrepit medical infrastructure and rationed service leading to…yes, you guessed it…death panels.  Because the goal of national healthcare is saving money, not lives.

So the purpose of flipping the Senate, and the House, is not to put MY party in power.  It’s exactly to stop the Democrats from creating an “important legacy” that will do unfathomable harm to the United States.


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