…if you do it right – updated

One of Woody Allen’s movies (Sleepers or Bananas I’ve been told it was Take the Money and Run) had a scene where he was asked, “Do you think sex is dirty?”.  To which he replied, “Yes, if you do it right.”

Much of the problems in the political area is that the same is true for democracy and capitalism.  Well, maybe not dirty.  Well, maybe they are a little.  They are certainly messy.  Democracy and capitalism require a certain level of chaos.  Order by its nature crushes out the innovation and creativity that democracy and capitalism bring to the table of human events.  This messiness upsets some people.

Don Surber has run an article about the crybaby Left that has gotten their panties all in a wad over ‘incivility’ in the public discourse over, well pretty much anything that doesn’t slavishly parrot their positions.

The entire socialist/fascist philosophy is based on establishing an orderly society.  Everything controlled and regulated so that nothing ‘unpredicted’ occurs to disrupt the neat conduct of the established order.  I read a blog sometime back and I can’t find it now, that claimed that when liberals push for welfare programs and government programs for everybody, it’s not driven by the claimed for desire to ‘help people’ but to eliminate variability in society.

This is one of the reasons that I constantly harp on the point that there is nothing Progressive about the Political Left.  They are in fact the worst form of regressives.  Their goal is to crush the society until it is devoid of change.  There will be no defeats.  But then there won’t be any victories either.  No one will suffer.  But they will never know pleasure either.  No one will lose, or gain.  It is almost a description of life in Hell.  Not an eternity of agony.  Eventually one gets used to that.  No.  Think instead of an eternity of nothing.  No pleasure, no pain.  Food is dust.  Gray inoffensive rooms that can’t even work up the decency to be ugly.  Nothing.

I took the family to Disney World when the kids were small.  It’s an interesting place.  I enjoyed it because EVERYTHING is meticulously designed to be enjoyed.  Hotels with six story tall swans on the roof just so you know you’re not in Kansas anymore.  But I found a pleasant relaxation driving through Tampa later that week among the random chaos of a city that was not planned.  It was dirty, and disorganized.  Yet each piece of it existed to serve the purpose of the person who owned that little piece of the whole.

Which takes me to another epiphany I had once.  Driving over an overpass above I-270 around St. Louis, there was a ribbon of taillights five lanes wide visible for miles as the highway undulated off into the distance.  It was thousands of cars visible in a single glance.  For pretty much everyone of those taillights there was one or more people and EACH and EVERY one of them had something in mind.  Many had similar things in mind.  Most were homeward bound.  A few would be going to a late shift.  Some were at work in their vehicle.  Most were thinking about dinner.  Some where thinking about dieting.  A few may have had hot dates.  The failure of socialism.  The INEVITABLE failure of socialism, fascism, statism, autocracy, the entire gamut of authoritarian governments comes back to that highway.  No single person can successfully plan the day for everyone of those people.  Yet, that is exactly what the statists attempt to do.  And why they always fail.

Bill Whittle at PajamasMedia has an absolutely magnificent article about why elites should not be allowed to be in command.  I’ve linked to it before.  It comes down to while the elites (I use the term loosely) may be the smartest people in a crowded room, they are usually the only ones stupid enough to think that they are smarter than ALL the people in the room.

And that brings up back to that highway…all those people…each with their own plans.  And if you do it right, they will all contribute to the greater good by taking care of their own affairs.  It’s what Adam Smith discovered centuries ago.  Each individual, engaged in their own affairs, pursuing their own goals within a legal framework make a society grow and prosper.  It’s messy.  It’s chaotic.  Sometimes it’s even dirty.  But it works.


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  1. tom on

    It was Take the Money and Run.


  2. HalifaxCB on

    Not much to say, other than what a great column. Thanks for writing it!

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