My head may explode

Victor Davis Hanson sticks a fork into Obama’s speech patterns.  But the part that jumped out is Obama’s constant drumbeat of how Bush acted ‘unilaterally’, and then throws Eastern Europe out with the bath water on a whim.

I have the speech pattern, too.  It’s Evil Unilateralism if you act against America’s enemies.  It’s Enlightened Collaborative Multinationalism if you act against America’s friends and allies.

OK, one more time with feeling.  Obama is a Leftist ideologue.  Hating America, America’s allies, and everything America stands for is the basis of his core beliefs.


2 comments so far

  1. Noesis Noeseos on

    The Czechs looking at Obama certainly must see Neville Chamberlain.

    • way2opinionated on

      I’m holding my breath for the day that one of the countries Obama has betrayed stands up and says they wish George Bush would come back.

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