and now for something completely different

It’s time to come clean.  These things have to come out sometime.   They just can’t be kept bottled up.

I’m an incurable Dexter fan.

There, I’ve said it.  Everybody has their addictions, their obsessions, their peccadilloes.  One of mine (I have many) is Dexter.  The significant other and I just watched the season four premier.  AAAaaaahhhh.  The relief after a long dry spell without.  Who’d a thunk that somebody could make such a good series about a serial killer with a conscience (in the form of his dead father).  Michael C. Hall does an outstanding job of being the monster who walks among us with his deep dark secrets raging just below the surface.  But I would say the shows biggest assets are the writers.  The plot twists, viewer manipulating setups, and the whole good guy serial killer story line is just so unique.

Man does not live on politics alone.  Sometimes you just have to enjoy a good ritualistic killing…or forty.


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