Sadly, I predicted this, too

The BBC reports (via Hot Air) about the attack on a Saudi prince with a butt bomb.  The bomber carried an explosive load internally, you know, where the sun don’t shine.

The effectiveness of such a bomb is greatly diminished versus an externally carried bomb because soft pieces of meat don’t really make for very dangerous fragments except at a PETA convention.  But it does create the threat of a bomb that is for all intents and purposes undetectable.  And Ed Morrissey is wrong about the inability to work on an airplane.  A bomber is going to board an airplane intent on dying in a fiery death, but he’s not going to trigger it because it would be against FAA regulations to turn on a cell phone?  I don’t think so.

I had envisioned internal explosive devices (which gives IED a whole new meaning) while waiting to go through an airport security check.  Even lowly little me could figure out that it would make for an undetectable threat.  Undoubtedly the TSA’s response to undetectable threats will be to clamp down on security again.

Darn, and I had just gotten used to traveling with fingernail clippers again.


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  1. Thomas wells on

    There are other parts of the body,and other types of “ejected matter” that can be much more damaging then the “Jihad enema”. Our current relience on physical-screening that seems to always be one step behind (pardon the pun) needs to be augmented by serious profiling, and the use of polygraphs,and other psychophsiological stress indicators that may help reveal what is inside a persons mind and not just inside some orifice.

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