The Power of Gullibility

John at Powerline wonders how Obama could possibly support a rabidly anti-American dictator wannabe like Manual Zelaya as some form of bizarre foreign policy.

Dudes, there is absolutely nothing bizarre about it.  It is 100% perfectly explainable and predictable based on Obama’s record.  Obama supports him precisely BECAUSE Zelaya’s an anti-American dictator wannabe.  Haven’t you been paying attention?  Nine months now of hanging with his posse of real lifelong dictators; insulting, belittling and abandonment of pro-American allies; economic policies whose only logical purpose is the destruction of American power.

If Zelaya had been a pro-American, freedom loving, constitution following president overthrown by a REAL military junta, Obama would be ignoring him like he didn’t exist.  Or offering the kind of support he pays to the Green Revolutionaries in Iran.  His support for the junta would be directly proportional to the level of socialist rhetoric it spouted.


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