Dean Esmay writes on the improving prospects for the Republicans in the 2010 midterm election.  He states, “On the other hand, if health insurance reform passes and the economy is obviously on the rebound…”

On the second point I feel reasonably safe to say that it won’t be a issue.  Not because I want the economy in the tank, but because the Democrats will do everything in their power to keep it there.  Not because they want the economy in the tank, but because they are wholly and completely incompetent.  The economy will try to rebound because of the resilience of the American Way.  But any attempt by the economy to grow will surely be quashed by the Democrats who’s philosophical bent is to punish success and reward failure.  The economy will struggle to keep its head above water until the socialists are out of power.

But on the first point.  Does Dean think the million people who showed up in Washington, DC were protesting the Congress NOT passing Obamacare?  No, I think the response will be completely different.  Forty five percent of doctors have said they will retire rather than become pawns of the Democratic political machine (OK, I embellished that a little.  But they did say they’ll quit.)  Passing the health industry confiscation bill (no matter what the Democrats say, anything they pass is a trojan horse for the eventual take over of the industry) will create a backlash possibly never before seen in American history.  I’m almost tempted to want to see it pass just so the socialists can be swept from political seen permanently.

No.  If the Democrats pass Obamacare (whatever that is since it is basically a bill with a cover page in front of blank pages where the Democrats will write something later), it will not improve their prospects.


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