Wither the PAX Americana?

The LA Times has an editorial discussing the possibility of the passing of the Pax Americana, the American Peace.  Interestingly, it approaches it with an air of apprehension and looks at the downside of the loss of a single dominant power as a stabilizing force.  The comments however, spill forth in full Leftist vent at what a wonderful thing it will be to not have the United States causing all of the problems in the world.

My thought on that was:

For my entire adult life the goal of the Left has been to destroy the power of the United States.

It was inconceivable based on centuries of history that after the collapse of the German Empire the Soviet Union wouldn’t march into Western Europe to spread its Bolshevik Revolution.  It didn’t because the United States stopped it.  For half a century, the United States prevented the War That Would Have Ended All Wars.  The brushfires the US dealt around the World were all part of preventing that War.  The Left called for Peace, and Nuclear Disarmament, and the end of American Imperialism; because the Left sided with the Stalinists.  They were so pissed when the Soviet Union collapsed.

For 13 years the US stymied the regional ambitions of Saddam Hussein who, if you will recall, invaded two neighboring countries at different times attempting to increase the territory he ruled, attacked others and was a threat not just to the stability of the Middle East but the existence of the Middle East.  The Left condemned this new round of American Imperialism because of course, the Left sided with the socialist Baathists.

This stabilizing behavior is almost uniquely American.  Even in the 19th Century the US prevented Latin America from being carved up into pieces of the European Empires like Africa and Asia were.  Yet despite all the power the US had to wield, it has not added any territory to itself in over a century.  Once it reached from Sea to Shining Sea, it stopped growing.  Not the normal behavior of an empire.

People cheering the fall of the American Empire might do well to remember that the end of the Pax Romana was followed by the Dark Ages…half a millennium when the technical advances and stability the Romans had established were lost.  And this time we’ll do the Dark Ages with nuclear weapons.

Be careful what you wish for Lefties.

Oh, yeah.  And any talk of American Exceptionalism would be incomplete without Bill Whittle’s address on the issue.


2 comments so far

  1. tom on

    Pun kudos! Whither and wither; I get it.


    • way2opinionated on

      I planned that. Yeah…I planned that all along.

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