You are known by the company you keep

Why is everybody all surprised by the liberals manning the barricades to defend the self-confessed child rapist, Polanski? It’s not like he drove her off a bridge and left her to drown or anything. Killing and raping are mere distractions to the good that liberals can do for the people they kill and rape…and rob…and cheat.  Raise taxes on everybody…but not themselves.  Because it is the duty of the government to redistribute the wealth…of others.  To impose draconian limitations on the liberties of others…so the Leftists can be free to wallow in decadence.  For the others’ own good…and the Left’s self-aggrandizement.

The modern political Left is the culmination of a philosophy that has rejected rules, at least for themselves.  The rejection of religion that became the hallmark of the intelligentsia in the 19th Century leads to the rejection of the concept of anything bigger than the ego.  It has become a culture devoid of morality, without concepts of behavioral constraints.  Today’s Leftist leaders are the aging hippies of the ’60s, rebelling for the sake of rebelling because it was always and ever will be about Them.  Entitled to be obeyed and served without question because They say so.  Spoiled children aging without acquiring the wisdom of age, still kicking their heels and screaming if their every whim is not satisfied.

Is it any surprise that Obama, the most leftist presidents ever, surrounds himself with criminals?  In the eyes of the Left, they serve the Left, and therefore nothing they do can be considered a crime.

There is no crime among the Left except betrayal of the Left and anyone who supports the Left may take what they want from the unwashed masses.  No questions.  No remorse.  No consequences.

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