A: A deer in the headlights

Q: What expression will the Democrats display to the public reaction after they railroad the Healthcare Industry Takeover (HIT) bill through Congress?

I am fascinated at how many people think that the Tea Party protests were about Congress NOT passing their so-called healthcare reform bill.  That attribute Congress approaching single digit approval ratings to not having DONE something yet.  Oh how they completely misread the electorate’s mood right now.

It is absolutely amazing how unconscious some people are to the public hostility to the Democrat’s plan to takeover the healthcare industry.  Amazingly, the most unconscious are the Democratic politicians.  Politicians are supposed to be attuned to the will of their constituents. Of course that was probably back when Democrats actually believed in democracy. (They did?  When was that?)

I believe the reaction will be cataclysmic for the Democrats.  Not because they are going to ram the bill through Congress.  They’ve done that far too many times for that alone to rile the public.  No.  This time they are going to ram the title of a bill through Congress (to be filled in later) after the public clearly and specifically told them, “NO.”  Having raised two kids to colleghood, I can tell you that there is a world of difference between when children misbehave…and when children misbehave after being told not to.  The children in Congress are going to try and test our patience.

Or as the vexed parent says, “What part of ‘no’ don’t you understand?”

Tar.  Feathers.  Any congresscritter who votes for the Healthcare Abomination.  Some assembly required.


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  1. Mike D on

    Perhaps our great fore-fathers did not write the perfect document in writing the constitution…the legislative branch, they assumed, would be made up of accompolished and intellegent men who were successful in other life endeavors before they decided to run for congress to dedicate their life work to “serving the people”. You see, that was before there was a new breed of “politicians”, folks who serve the public right out of the womb, with their total experience being work done for other “politicians”. A new breed of “politicians only” not accompolished business men, educators, doctors etc… who now see a need to turn their later years into one’s that serve the people. Our fore-fathers did not anticipate a branch that was given so much power with men filled with greed, one that votes itself pay raises, a benefits package, retirement, health care, food courts, in-house pharmacies etc… that is way beyond the call of duty! There ought to be a way to reduce or eliminate these perks if they don’t perform like the people want! Unfortunately there can be too much damage done in the time they are elected until the time for re-election…the only recourse/power the “people” have when we make the wrong choice by electing a jerk. Indeed our fore-fathers forgot one thing…human greed and a mutation of the idealology of “serving the people”.

  2. way2opinionated on

    It’s not the perks. It’s the power and isolation that comes from unlimited tenure among career politicians. The cure is painfully simple. Term limits.

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