“You are but a man.”

Scott at Poweline asks if it is OK to mock President Obama.  Let me respond to that with another question, “Is it OK not to mock President Obama.”

The Roman republic was manic about preventing the accumulation of too much power by one person.  The had regalphobia*, a fear of kings.  The eventual failure to prevent someone from accumulating too much power brought the Republic to an end.  Under the rules of the Republic, only under strict conditions would a single executive be appointed for a one year term to deal with emergencies.  One of the traditions they developed as part of this aversion to monarchy was when a champion, usually a victorious general, road his chariot through the streets in a victory parade, a slave holding an olive branch wreath over his head would repeatedly whisper, “You are but a man.” to remind the victor not to get too ambitious.

Despite all the protestations of his fawning sycophants, Obama is just a man.  The worst sort of man.  A man with an apparently unlimited capacity for self-aggrandizement in a position of power.  Narcissistic, intolerant to any view but his own, consumed by his quest for more power, Obama is potentially a dangerous man.  Potentially only because his capacity to do harm is reigned in by his mind numbing incompetence.  Citizens of the United States, the free people that is, not the Democrats, would do well to adopt the regalphobia of the Roman Republic or risk going down the road the Roman Republic did.  Frankly (you don’t mind if I call you Frank?), it is the duty of of free people to mock those who would be king.

* I made that up.


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