It’s not just the voting that matters

It’s also the counting.

Ask the Iranians, the Hondurans, and Chicagoans what happens when your cast ballot is counted by unscrupulous political opponents.  Obviously, if your ballot is counted by unscrupulous political allies, ya’ don’t care what happens.  Get Out the Vote only works if the votes gotten out are counted.

The United States may be approaching critical mass in terms of its ability to sustain its democratic (small ‘d’) institutions.

We have a two party system.  One party treats elections as religious observations.  Tradition bound holy acts performed on hallowed ground.  Acts so sacred, that even in cases of obvious fraud, no discouraging word may be spoken lest it undermine the Faith in the Act.  The other party sees elections as games.  The only rule is to win.  And the prize is the accumulation of power until they don’t have to waste time having these elections anymore.  Kind of like Monopoly.  Or Risk.  Once you own the World, you win and you don’t have to play any more.

The counter to this for people who are not part of the Party of Power is, a) vote.  Because even if the vote count is done properly, you still have to have ballots cast on your side to be counted. b) get involved in the electoral process.  Volunteer as an election judge.  Try to get on the Board of Election Commissioners.  Support candidates for Secretary of State who serve to preserve the integrity of the electoral process, not politicize* it for the home team.  Elections are about politics but the electoral process is the (is supposed to be the) impartial arbiter of the results.  Imagine juries were lawyers picked their own jurors.  (Whoops.  Forgot about voir dire, aka legalized jury tampering.)  Imagine sports where the winning team gets to bring their own umpires or referees, openly loyal to that team.

The way to insure integrity in the electoral process is to have all kinds of people involved.  Have to get away from electoral organizations stuffed with representatives of a party that only believes in the accumulation of power.  Ideally, election officials should really be independents, beholden to neither side of the two party system.  But a perfect system is impossible.  So the desirable state is to have a politically diverse.

If you are going to Vote the Rascals Out, you first have to be sure the rascals aren’t counting the votes.

* The Secretary of State project is a George Soros funded organization and he only supports one side.


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