Obama and Israel

Don Surber’s post about Iran set me off.  My reply.

Obama is setting Israel up.  We’re not supposed to attribute to malice what can be blamed on incompetence, but here I think both fit.  He dithers and waffles because he is clueless, but it is going to force the Israelis to do the dirty deed.   He gives them no support, condemns them for existing.  Leaves them cornered and facing oblivion.  And you know as well as I do that the instant the Israelis let the Iranians have it, Obama will be front and center condemning them.  Using their “unthinkable act” as an excuse to cancel all US aid.  Throwing them under the bus with Honduras, Poland, Eastern Europe, the Iranian democracy movement, Dalia Lama, the US dollar, etc.

This is the worst US foreign policy ever.  Carter is a pro-American strategic genius compared to this guy.

For my entire adult life it has been the goal of liberals and leftists to destroy the power of the United States.  It is inconceivable that anybody could be as stupid as Obama by accident.  That leaves malice.  Obama’s goal has to be to do as much damage to the United States as he can.


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