Yeah, what he said

Dr. Zero at Hot Air does a wonderful rant on Socialism as portrayed by Michael Moore and his newest example of how completely someone can refuse to get it in the interests of pushing a political position.

It is interesting to see how completely the leftists in society have convinced people that money is evil.  Just for the record, the actual quote is not, “Money is the root of all evil.”  It’s, “The pursuit of money is the root of most evil.”  What is most evil is the corruption that comes with power.  Money is not corrupting when it’s buying private jets, yachts, mansions or art collections.  Every one of these transactions leads to growth of opportunity for all sorts of people.  Who do you thing built the jets, yachts and mansions?  When money is corrupting is when it buys influence because influence doesn’t produce anything.  More and more under the corrupt reign of the statist party in Washington, companies are finding less value in investing in factories, capital goods, marketing and hiring employees than in pouring money into the coffers of the political elite in order to be insulated from the need to cater to the market’s whims.

That children, little dudes and dudettes, is the definition of fascism.  Autocratic government allied with large corporate interests, both business and unions, to control the means of production.  It’s all about monopolies.  The government has a monopoly on power to pull the strings of the market.  The businesses get monopolies so they don’t have to compete anymore.  Income is assured and if that doesn’t work, then they are too big to fail and get bailed out by the power brokers in the government.  The labor mafia dons get the perks and privileges associated with the corporate executives for keeping the peons in line.

That is the world that Michael Moore offers us.  Thanks Mike, but keep it for yourself.


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