Anybody want to live in a town with no cops?

That’s where Obama is taking us. The importance of the United States as a stabilizing force in world affairs has been written about a lot lately.  Richard Fernandez at PajamasMedia takes up the subject, focusing on the Israeli-Iranian conflict.

Obama’s move to “rid the world of nuclear weapons” will almost assuredly end up with US unilateral disarmament.  That is Leftist dogma since the ’50s and Obama is all about the Leftist dogma.  Why is unilateral disarmament such a desired goal?  Because in the twisted Leftist mind, the United States is the Source of All Evil and other countries only have nuclear weapons to counter the US’s stockpile.  That would explain why such loyal allies as England and France felt the need to nuclearize.  India and Pakistan are, surely as you read this, staring over their shoulders wondering what the US is going to do with its nuclear weapons.

Russia is a nuclear power with ambitions to re-establish regional hegemony.  They stare across one of the longest borders in the world (if you consider Mongolia a border) at a nuclear armed China.  I’m sure Putin will disarm at Obama’s request.

The inevitable result of an American unilateral disarmament is that countries that depended, willingly or unwillingly, on the United States nuclear umbrella will no longer have that cover.  They will have to look for other countries to provide the cover or develop it themselves.  A nuclear armed Iran would be easily deterred by the US.  But not if the US has no nuclear weapons or, as is clearly the case now, the will to use them or anything else.  Retraction of the US nuclear umbrella will compel the Israelis to become even more independent.  Saudi Arabia is going to be seriously exposed.  It is not hard to see a nuclear belt running all the way from North Africa to the Pacific: Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, India, China, North Korea, Japan.  If the North Koreans go nuke, can the South not in the face of the loss of the US?

Anytime I have talked to someone about the US’s many international involvements, the question always asked is, “Does the United States have to be the policeman of the World.”  To which I reply, “If not us, who?  Do you really want to live in a world with no cops?”


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