It’s not paranoia…

…if somebody is actually out to get you.  And it isn’t foolishness if you intentionally do something monumentally stupid with malice and forethought.

John at Powerline engages in a little Hopey-Changey in regards to Obama’s surrender of the missile shield to Russia that wasn’t even pointed at Russia.  He is hoping that Obama wasn’t a fool for giving up such a bargaining chip and actually got some unpublicized deal for it even though the Russians, who are playing him for a fool have come out more belligerent than ever.  But Obama didn’t shut down the missile shield to appease the Russians.  He didn’t shut down the missile shield as a bargaining ploy.  He shut it down to satisfy the demands of liberal dogma that had opposed it on some sense of principle since its inception.

It is the Left’s desire to destroy the power of the United States.  Always has been.  And Obama is all about Leftist dogma.  Stopping the missile shield, a) gives up a defensive position without a fight thereby weakening the US military posture, b) alienates allies in order to isolate the US from its usual circle of friendly nations, and c) emboldens Obama’s circle of dictator acquaintances.  In Obama’s mind, giving up the shield without quid pro quo is a feature, not a bug.


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