Tea Party Patriots (updated)

Looks like the National Tea Party site.  Still investigating.

Q: When will people start running for office as Tea Partiers?

(update) A: Apparently now.

Since third parties tend to fair so badly, when will people start running as Tea Party Republicans or Tea Party Democrats?  A Tea Party Republican would be a conservative differentiated from the religious conservative wing or the Democrat Lite ‘moderate’ wing.  A Tea Party Democrat would just be lonely.


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  1. christianliberal on

    The Tea Party Movement: Strong arm (popular support), mighty bow (taxation without representation issue), but poor aim (liberals).
    The real problem is the link between the very wealthy, and the legislators who protect corporate interests. Break that link and the abuse of the middle class ends.
    See: http://christianliberal.wordpress.com/2010/04/07/liberal-and-tea-party-common-interest/

    • way2opinionated on

      Not the very wealthy. It’s the link to the very powerful, be they corporations, unions, NGOs, political parties, whatever. Card Check, aka the enslavement of all workers to the labor mafias, has absolutely nothing to do with protecting corporate interests.

      Castigating the wealthy is the feed corn of the socialists. With it, they raise a crop of class hatred which feeds their insatiable quest for power. The class hatred as Marx would say, is the opiate of the people, distracting and entertaining them while the socialists accumulate ever more power.

      The target has to be the concentration of power. Fascism is the concentration of power in a cabal of Big Corporations, Big Unions and Autocratic Government. Mussolini would have looked on approvingly at what the Obamacrats are doing. And Obama would bask proud in his praise. The accumulation of power in the government, which is necessary before they can bind the corporate and union interests to them, is what the Constitution was supposed to prevent. But the Writers didn’t predict all three branches of government cooperating in the acquisition of power, rather than working to limit each other as was planned.

      Ultimately, the final enforcer of the Constitution is not the government but the People themselves. And therefore, we have the Tea Party.

      • John on

        Well-written and succinct summation of the problems that we have now…Mussolini would love it…sad

  2. […] Christianliberal was kind enough to add a comment to my old Tea Party Patriots post.  Since it may not be read where it is, I’ll move the thread here. 2010/04/07 at […]

  3. writerchick on

    Ironic that your reader is against the ‘big corporations’ since the US government is the biggest corporation of them all. At least they seem to think so. Soon they will be outsourcing the entire company.

    Personally, I don’t think the solution is to create a third party but to use the grassroots movement to simply reinforce and back true conservatives into office – which from my research seems by and large what most of the tea party members want to do.
    Writer chick

    • way2opinionated on

      Amen, sister.

      Corporations are only as powerful as the law allows. Hence anti-trust and anti-monopoly laws. Anti-anti-competition laws. Disclosure and accounting laws. Then the political hacks turned around granted anti-trust immunity to the labor mafias. Buh-by steel industry. Buh-by auto industry. Buh-by good universal public education. Hello-o-o-o-o government empires. My definition of a political conservative…one who opposes the accumulation of power anywhere. Fiscal conservatism and Constitutional restraint are just means to that end.

  4. josephus777 on

    I say the heck with the Tea where’s the Tar & Feathers…
    From a very concerned Holy Spirit filled Christian who is just a voice crying in the wilderness Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.Keep up the good work.

  5. latftp on

    See the Tea Party for what it really is: LATFTP.com

  6. ethreepeeoh on

    It seems that the Tea Party and the “Occupy” movement have some common ground…

    • way2opinionated on

      Both are protesting the failure of government. But the Tea Party says the answer is less government, while the “Occupy” movement’s answer is the government failed, let’s have more government.

      The difference ground is the Tea Partiers wants to keep what’s theirs and the “Occupy” movement wants to keep what’s everyone else’s.

  7. ethreepeeoh on

    It seems that the Tea Party and the “Occupy” movement have some common ground…

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