A Ray of Hope

I was cogitating the other day about the sorry state of the country.  Most weighty was the King Kong sitting in the room – the $60+Trillion unfunded liability for Social Security and Medicare.  By any reasonable measure or accounting standard, the United States is already bankrupt.  Through decades of unremitting effort, the Democrats appear to have succeeded in achieving the goal of leftists everywhere – the destruction of the United States as a major power.

How easy it is to fall into the funk the Democrats want us in.  Because that is the goal of socialism.  To strip the population of any sense of self-worth so the sheeple will slink around satisfied with the crumbs of a life the Democrats deem appropriate to the plebeian classes.  Destroy their work ethic so the people will be willing to sit around awaiting they dole of government cheese.  There is no hope of a better life.  Birth if you can survive the abortion mills, life at a government job jockeying for political power because there is no wealth to be made, pensioned off to a government apartment until you become a burden on society and then set adrift on an ice flow.  No improvement.  No change.  Excitement is considered usavory…you might get hurt and become a burden on society.  Days passed trying to endure crushing hopelessness with drugs, alcohol and sex, the opiates of the people in broken societies.  Ever wonder why ‘liberals’ are so into freedom of anything that has to do with sex?  It’s to get people so preoccupied with it that they don’t know that their souls are being stolen.  Everything becomes a gray sameness so that everybody can be ‘equal’.  A living death.  Socialist countries have very high suicide rates for a reason.  It is the only escape from a life stripped of humanity.

So anyway.  There I was cogitating the future and it came to me.  The Democrats appear to have put the United States on a death spiral.  The massive unfunded liability will have to be payed with higher taxes.  Higher taxes means depression of the productivity.  Nobody’s going to work hard to have all their money stolen.  Depressed productivity reduces GDP which means there is less to tax.  So taxes go up.  And around it goes until everything stops because the Democrats are too stupid or venal to get off the merry-go-round.  Their only metric is how much power they have.

There is a simple logical exercise to deal with problems when a solution doesn’t provide the desired result.  Try something else.  Simplest is to just do the opposite.  Then other flavors of different can be tried.  But the opposite is sufficient in this case.  What is the opposite of the societal death the Obama Democrats are sending us to?  Growth.

This approach is danced around by conservatives all the time.  Lower taxes, smaller government, less regulation, drill baby drill, yada-yada,…(nodding off…can’t keep eyes open…)  It is answering the need to the REAL energy crisis in the United States.  The shortage of enterprise.

Everything that the conservatives said above is a part of it.  But it needs to be packaged.  Not as in “We support free enterprise, but…”  What needs to be resurrected is the real old fashioned American Spirit.  Growth.  Not “We’re going to support growth sufficient to maintain our standard of living.”  None of this socialist, “sustainability” crap.  I’m talking Hong Kong levels of growth.  I’m talking about racing the Chinese to the top ‘cuz their catching up.  It needs a catchy slogan:



Grow US.

A sign that can be put in a yard or bumber that says, “Get out of the way, the locomotive is pick’n up steam.”

The United States can deal with that $60 Trillion unfunded liability the old fashion way.  We can earn it.


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