Divide and rule is the rulz

(Eyes still haven’t cleared up yet.  But I at least have an excuse for my atrocious spelling.  I CAN’T SEE!)

Lumberjack and Are We Lumberjacks points out that the Democrats are playing identify politics with states.  The “Healthcare Reform Bill” aka Trojan the Health Industry Takeover Horse, would apply differential taxation to different states.

I may be falling for their plan.  It’s diabolical and it’s working.  Even though I pointed this out long ago, I’m succumbing to their diabolical plan.

I’m running out of outrage.

The Democratic Party, the Party of Slavery, the Party of Socialism, the Party that brought us Civil War in the 19th Centuray and Jim Crow in the 20th, the Party of division, segregation, persecution and discrimination is now going to segregate the country not by race, or ethnicity, or orientation, or gender, or any of the other ways they’ve traditionally parsed out the country into mutual hate groups.  They’re going to apply different tax rates in different states.  Lower rates for politically privileged states?  Meaning higher taxes for…what…predominantly Republican states?  Ok.  Whatever.

Maybe the Democrats have a death wish.  Maybe they were driven so insane with power in January that they feel some compulsion to throw themselves into the sea like lemmings.  Because for a Party of Whores, I don’t think you could pay them to commit the outrages they are committing against the country.  How blind do they have to be to not see the reaction all of this is going to cause?  Of course their only competition is the milquetoast pantywaist Democrat Lite Party.  Hmmmm.  I think I see where they get the feeling of invincibility.


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