Yeah, but…

(I just got back from the optometrist where I got my pupils dilated.  I’m trying to type this through the fog.)

From Moe Lane, Rasmussen polling shows Republicans making big gains in the “Who do you trust on…” questions.  But trusting more, is not the same as actually trusting.  Their just looking better than the Obama Democrat Socialist Party.  And what I trust right now is that if the current crop of Republicans take over Congress in 2010, they may be out by 2012 because all they can claim is that they are not as socialist as the Democrats.   They have yet to stand up for anything except, “We’re not as bad as them.”

The Republicans are desparate…should be desperate…for a leader to stand up with a new Contract With America.  It won’t be Huckabee.  He’s a big government, big spender populist.  He would get pummeled with his record in Arkansas if he were to try it.  Romney has the same problem.  Neither of them can point to a record of fiscal conservatism or anti-all empowered government.  The Tea Partiers would turn on them quickly.

Gee, who could bear that standard?

Bill Hennessy at St. Louis Tea Party Coalition sees the same problem.


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