Boycotting the MSM

Nothing will bring the Main Stream Media to its senses like zero viewers, assuming that anything will.

The counterargument that “We should watch to see what the Democrats are saying.” has a fatal flaw.  The influence of the MSM comes from its viewership.  It doesn’t matter how many MSM critics watch and criticize.  The only statistic that shows up is how many people watched and in the media world, that is power*.  I kept pointing this out to the wife who would be watching the evening news when I got home.  Fortunately, she finally got frustrated enough with them to turn them off.

Likewise, watching the Democratic mouthpieces in the press in order to “broaden one’s perspective” is the same as voting for a candidate one completely disagrees with with the intent of “influencing them”.  It’s like a conservative voting for a socialist will make the socialist more moderate.  It doesn’t happen that way.  The rationale behind a vote does not matter.  Only the vote does.  A vote for a candidate with a socialist record simply reinforces the socialist behavior.

Oh, yeah.  Feel free to let the MSM’s advertisers know how you feel.  All things being equal, always go with the company that doesn’t have big adds on the Leftist press channels.  And then let the other company know why you didn’t buy their product.  The Socialist Thug in Chief tried to lead a boycott against Glenn Beck.  Glenn Beck has viewers.  He’ll have advertisers.  A constant erosion of support for financing anti-American media outlets will gnaw away at the MSM’s foundations.  And really, private companies advertising on leftist MSM channels basically amounts to them financing their own executioner.  These people are at best socialists and at worst outright communists.  These advertisers are giving money to people who happily support nationalization of whole industries (except of course, their own).

One of the more activist conservative sites (you know, like a site that actually DOES something) should start a list of Leftist sponsoring companies.  Who are the advertisers financing the Leftist Mouthpieces?  If there is already one, could somebody point me to it.

* Based on this definition, this site couldn’t produce enough power to ruffle the cilia on an amoeba. <sigh>


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