What he said…

Richard Fernandez at PajamasMedia is the kind of blogger I would like to be but never have the time.  Take this post on the Catholic Church’s opening to disaffected Anglicans.

Not mentioned was that the seeds of the Anglican Church’s demise may very well have been laid at the time of its very creation as a political ploy by a power crazed king to pretend to be a Church comparable to Roman Catholic church.  Despite all of the political intrigue and governance over large tracks of Europe for most of a millenia, the Roman Catholic Church was created as a purveyor of Faith and since the beginning of the 20th Century and the loss of the Papal lands has largely returned to that role.

It would be interesting to see a major reunification of Christianity after centuries of the Reformation.  A Re-Reformation.  Will the Catholic Church continue to offer sanctuary to the smaller christian sects, drawing them back to the Mother Church the way the townspeople would race into the castle when enemies threatened?  Would it open its arms to the Jews who’s ancestry begat Christianity?  To use Fernandez’s Tolkien analogy, will an alliance of Judeo-Christian traditions face off against the Statists and Muslims at the foot of Mount Doom to preserve the classical liberal traditions of the Western World?

I am not religious, but I strongly support religious expressions, especially Christianity.  I suspect that is the only way that the inalienable liberties, the founding principles of the Republic, who’s only defense is that they are God given, will survive.  Neither the Muslims or the Statists/humanists believe in them.  There will be no defense of them there.


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