Teaching freedom

Another of my favorite writers who writes way better than I do.

Bill Whittle defends the Second Amendment.  Actually, he defends an armed population as not just a right but a responsibility of free people.  Oh, and he defends the concept of free people.  In fact he pretty much defends the whole gamut of conservative positions, including pointing out that freedom is messy.

The one point he misses (it was a little outside the scope) was that while tolerance of some level of messiness is necessary for a society to remain free, it would be possible to reduce that messiness by teaching responsibility in a more organized way.  Like shooting classes in public schools.  (Oh, just imagine the angst that would cause in the communist teacher’s labor mafia.)  Likewise, the zero tolerance of teenage drinking should be reconsidered.  The best way to teach kids to drink responsibly is to have them start at home.  Instead, the prohibitionists and overzealous prosecutors put people in jail for letting the kids have a sip of wine at dinner, which in all likelihood does more harm to the child and wrecks the family for precisely what?   Heck, I had to send my daughter to France (no drinking age there) so she could imbibe (not actually the only reason.  It was a school sponsored trip.).  Surprise!  No harm done!

This leads to the conclusion that the libertarians are more correct than I used to think they were.  I went to college in Illinois when the drinking age there was 19.  We had a pub on campus.  A real pub, that served beer.  I would challenge anyone to prove that we drank more than at many schools today that supposedly prohibit it.  The First Daughter says alcohol flows pretty freely where she goes to school.

So what is the best way to teach being free?  Being raised in a permissive libertarian society where responsibility is taught in an organized manner?  Or by prohibiting everything and promoting rebellion and chaos?


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