Ford and the Labor Mafia Monopoly

Ford asked the UAW to renegotiate its labor contract to put it in parity with the Chrysler and GM.  Chrysler and Government Motors had concessions imposed on the labor mafia in return for having the stockholder’s property confiscated by Obama and given to the United Auto Slacker’s union as payback for essentially being indistinguishable from any other organ of the Democratic Party.  The labor mafia of course rejected the request because, ya’ know, they own the competitors.

Labor mafias were granted anti-trust exemptions back when they were imposed on companies.  This is what allowed so many unions to completely dominate whole industries and drive them into the ground.  But did that exemption actually include the unions as business competitors?  Should Ford go after the union on anti-competitive grounds since the union is no longer (like it ever was) simply representing the labor force.  They are now in direct competition with Ford.

Should Ford follow Boeing and start relocating production to free states?


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