This is your state…

…on Democrats:  California, Michigan, New York, Illinois, New Jersey are all in effectively bankrupt.  They lead the country in unemployment as they drive out businesses that would have generated the economic activities to finance all of the liberal’s wet dreams.  aka: “Progressive”.

This is your state on Republicans:  Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Alaska.  Financially sound, with growing business bases that provide employment opportunities for people and economic life for the state.  aka: progress.

Powerline scores Texas v. California and the verdict is pretty clear.

Most people judge the influence of the party in power by looking at which party dominated the Governor’s Mansion.  This is because far too many people can’t tell the difference between a state chief executive and a monarch.  But governors generated neither tax or spending bills.  The real way to judge the influence of the parties is to see who dominated the speakership of the House in the legislature.  It doesn’t matter that California has had multiple Republican governors.  The legislature has been owned by the Democrats for decades and the result is that one of the largest economies on Earth has been reduced to a pauper trapped in a death spiral of increasing taxes on a shrinking tax base, thereby ensuring that the tax base shrinks even more.    That is inevitably, your state on Democrats.

Update:  The Other McCain berates “Progressive” America.


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